GIS4Mobile - "Map Collector for GIS".

GIS4Mobile velkommenGIS4Mobile is a complete solution for reviewing, maintenance and editing geographically based data. 
GIS4Mobile is a smartphone based tool for registering data in the field, reviewing existing data, and collecting data for your GIS.
Working in the field with GIS4Mobile is easy, fun and efficient.
GIS4Mobile takes care of synchronizing data to/from your GIS system.

Vis GIS4Mobile flow

Smartphone or  tablet

GIS4Mobile is a mobile tool that allows you to work with your data in the field.

You can check and verify existing registrations, and you can collect new data, and even attach images, using the built in camera.

Data is stored in the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service.

The complete solution has tools for syncronizing with your organisations GIS, like MapInfo or PostGIS / ESRI and many more.


One solution for all your needs

En løsning til alle behovGIS4Mobile lader dig arbedje med alle slags data.

  • Inspect and update mapping data.
  • Collect operation data.
  • Damage reports / service requests.
  • View your existing data.
  • Edit your existing data.
  • Punchlists for job assignments.
  • Collect data for inspection.



No network? - no problem!

No network - no problem

GIS4Mobile works in areas with no network coverage. Registrations are cached and uploaded when coverage is available at a later time, and data and maps can be cached and used when coverage is gone.

The background map is automatically stored on the mobile device while you work. You can cache the maps simply by panning the maps over the area to be visited, while there still is coverage. There is also a built-in feature for pre-caching maps and data for a selected area.

Who is using GIS4Mobile?

Hvem bruger GIS4Mobile

Field workers from all kinds of organisations use GIS4Mobile allready.

  • Municipalities
  • Public transportation companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Utility companies
  • Forresters
  • Gartners
  • Public services
  • Dispatchers
  • Traffic
  • Power supplyers
  • Waste managment
  • Planning
  • Environment / nature
  • Fire brigade
  • Tourist planning


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