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GIS4Mobile links

GIS4Mobile administrators need these 3 links:

User profiles

All users of GIS4Mobile use the same app, which has been downloaded and installed on the smartphone. Depending on the userprofile, different opportunities are achieved for users from different organisations.

The company’s GIS4Mobile administrator can create and change userprofiles via:

Database admin

Collected data is stored in a database on the GIS4Mobile cloud service.

The company’s GIS4Mobile administrator can create and modify the databases via:

See on map

Inspect collected data i webbrowser.

Login using the same login and password you use in the app. NOT the admin login.

Using the collected data can be viewed and edited.

Support - help and assistance

In general we may need your admin username and password to help you by configurations etc. By requesting assistance you agree that GIS4Mobile employees access your configurations using your login and password.

Free support

Customers who have a subscription are entitled support free of charge by email.

You can simply use the contact form, or mail us directly, with the questions you might have.

The free support only covers questions and answers. If you need other assistance, like for instance restoring data from a backup, you will be charged.

Paid support

Customers who have no subscription can also ask a question usin the contact form.

Depending on the complexity we might have to charge for assistance.

Remote assistance

GIS4Mobile use teamviewer, and we can offer assistance by remote controlling your computer.

Depending on the complexity we might have to charge for this assistance.

Get teamviewer here:


Manuals to GIS4Mobile and GeoSync are available for download:

GeoSync manual (english) GIS4Mobile guide