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We host collected data on our Cloud Service.

GIS4Mobile Cloud Service'n is a secured web server with its associated databases hosted in a safe and reliable environment.

GIS4Mobile is based on everyone using the same app to work with georelated data. Through configurations called user profiles, each user gets their own functionality, etc.

GIS4Mobile Cloud Service handles:

Data storage - Maps and registrations.
- Data collected by mobile users and data displayed for mobile users are stored in databases on GIS4Mobile Cloud Service.
User profiles.
- Setup and storage of user profiles, incl. access to maps and data.
Security and surveillance.
- It runs jobs that ensure backup, ensures logging of activity and errors, and monitoring operation.
- This is the webpage where collected data can be viewed on a map and downloaded in different formats.

Data storage

Data is stored in databases with 2 timestamps: when the object is first registered and the last change to the object. The time stamp is added when the registration is saved in the database. The databases store full history of changes so that it is possible to go back and inspect an earlier state. GIS4Mobile can help access historical data, as well as undo deletions and updates.

Security and monitoring

On GIS4Mobile Cloud service, data is secured with the highest level of data security.

In addition, data backup is taken daily.

GIS4Mobile employees continuously monitor the operation of the system. Should problems arise with data being recorded, the user will be contacted if needed.

User Profiles


User profiles control how users view, and work with, maps and data.

You create user files using the web site.

Before you can create user profiles, you need an admin login from GIS4Mobile.

User profile controls:

  • What maps the user sees as a background map.
  • What data the user can work with and how.
  • What other features the user should have access to.

An organization typically has a number of user profiles, one for each task.

More details

Control user's access to data

The user's access to data can be restricted in several ways.

  • Data may be read-only, so information can be viewed but not changed.
  • Certain fields in the attributes can be hidden for users.
  • Users can be restricted to correct and register near the GPS position.
  • Users can also be prevented from moving registrations, so attributes and images can only be corrected .

Methods of registration

The form that users see when registering data is configured using

There are several ways to let the user record as accurate data as possible.

How the user sees data

The user sees data as points, lines or polygon, on the top of the background map.

Data is displayed with colors and possibly labels.

Colors and labels can be checked by attributes so that an objects colors changes when its data changes.

This is often used to display objects (trees, well fire hydrants) in red until periodic supervision is performed.


Talk on the phone, or write?

Please feel free to call GIS4Mobile on 40 10 10 91 - or write us an email on - or simply use the contact form on the right.