About GIS4Mobile


GIS is about putting or showing information on a map, and this is what GIS4Mobile does.

GIS4Mobile is a solution with several purposes. It is built around a userfriendly app, and a secure data hosting, and administrative pages for managing data and functions.

GIS4Mobile has 3 parts:

The GIS4Mobile App's
- describes the functions in the app.
The GIS4Mobile Cloud Service
- Details about the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service, and utilities. About hosting >
Your local (GIS) data storage, and tools to syncronize data.
- About GeoSync, and how you syncronize your (GIS) data with GIS4Mobile Cloud data.About GeoSync >

This document covers details about the app.

About the GIS4Mobile app

GIS4Mobile App - The Map Collector.

GIS4Mobile Icon as you see on the mobile device.

The GIS4Mobile app is used by mobile crew to collect data, and to view and update existing data.

There is basically one app for all users. By configurations you enable different options and data for your field workers.


For installation instructions please see our download page.

The GIS4Mobile app.

The app is used to work with geographical data; maps and georelated information.

It operates against the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service, where collected information is stored.

If your mobile device has no data connection collected data is stored in the device memory, and will be posted a soon as possible.

Operating GIS4Mobile is real easy - and fun too!
When you work with GIS4Mobile you see a map, a status bar, and 5 buttons to control the operations.

The status-bar informs you about the current zoom (diagonal meters) and the current active theme for data capture.

The five buttons have following use:

  • Sync with GIS4Mobile Cloud.
  • Zoom to GPS.
  • Select background map and working data layer.
  • Data-capture - opens the form where you fill in information and take pictures, depending on the current configuration.
  • Menu - Displays a menu with tools and options.

Settings - username and password.

The settings menu displays the version of the installed GIS4Mobile app, and the user-id.
In the settings menu, the user must enter username and password for his userprofile. The userprofile defines tools, maps and menus for the user.
The userprofile is designed by your GIS4Mobile administrator using config.gis4mobile.com.
In the settings menu is also several other options.


Background map

When you work with GIS4Mobile you allways see a background map on the screen.

The map can be one of the well-known from Google, Open Street Map, HERE Maps, or the company's own map - which is distributed via WMS.

WMS stands for Web Map Service, and is a technology to publish your own maps on the internet. More about WMS.

If establishing a WMS-service isn't possible for you, GIS4Mobile can be of assistance - call us for a special offer.

Collecting data

data collection

With the GIS4Mobile app you can collect data in the field.

Points, lines and polygons can be registered, and to every registration a number of informations can be tied - as well as several photos.

What you collect depends on the configuration (your user-profile).

When data is captured it is displayed on the map. Points can display with different colors according to the information registered.

As an example firehydrants can change colour when they have been attended, or a pothole in the road can be coloured according to severity.

Data forms can be designed using several user-interface components:

  • Text-boxes, (optional or required).
  • Checkboxes (yes/no).
  • Dropdown menus, also 2-level dropdowns.
  • Date-time-pickers.
  • Multi-select dropdowns.
  • Labels (readonly) - possibly linking to web-ressources.
  • Attach images.

Also the data-entry form has a buttonbar, with several useful tools:

  • Delete registration
  • Edit position (point / line / polygon)
  • Save data in memory. 3 memory slots are available for storing current set of information.
  • Restore data from memory.
  • Send by email. Allows you to send a link, that will enable the receiver to see and edit data.
  • Navigate to this - opens your favorite navigation app, and guides you to the point.

When a registration is completed, the data is immediately uploaded to the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service, where it is safely stored, and can be transfered to your GIS or viewed on-line using maps.gis4mobile.com .

No network? No problem!

If you happen to go to a spot without mobile data coverage, registrations can still be made.

The registration can be done without a background map, with the help of the GPS alone. If there isn't any phone-network available, the registration will be stored for when you are once again within reach of the network.

You do, however, have an option to ensure that the backgroundmaps are shown. The simple way is to pan the map to the area without coverage before moving into it.

Another possibility is using the builtin offline-data utility. With this you can have the app pre-fetch map-data for a larger area.

Info on-the-spot

With this tool the GIS4Mobile app will let the user point out a spot on the map, whereafter a page with informations on the spot is shown.

Primarily freely accessible information is shown, such as:

Information from a WMS map can also be shown via feature-info.

Furthermore, property details, such as owners name and other, can be displayed.

It is possible to have special content displayed - call us for details.

Productivity enhancements

We have put a lot of effort into making GIS4Mobile as smooth to use as possible. For large surveys with repeatedly data entries, we have minimized the need for data entry by theese tools:

Multi editing

With multi editing it is possible to select several objects, and edit them at once. If you are doing tree inspection, and most trees are in the same condition, you can just select all similar tree objects, and edit all at once, noting condition, inspection date, your initials, or other information. Only the pieces of information you choose to edit is updated.

Save / get attributes.

If you find you enter the same form data again and again, you can save the data, by clicking "M+" button. There are 3 memory slots available. Later, when you need to fill the form with the saved data you just click "MR" and the form is filled automatically.

Repeating information

When registering inventory you might see that several objects has the same characteristics. The administrator can configure GIS4Mobile to remember some fields, and other fields will allways be filled with a default value.