About GIS4Mobile Cloud Service

GIS4Mobile Cloud Service.

The GIS4Mobile Cloud Service is a secure webserver with databases connected, hosted in a safe and reliable environment.

GIS4Mobile is based on everybody using the same app to work with georelated data. Via configurations, called userprofiles, every user gets his own flavor of the app.

The GIS4Mobile Cloud Services are responsible for:

Geographical Data Storage
- Data collected by mobile users, and data ready to be published to mobile users, is stored in the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service.
User profiles
- Registration of users and their access to data is stored in userprofiles.
Security and monitoring
- On the services runs tasks to ensure backups are taken and problems are registered and reported to relevant users.
- this is the website where collected data can be viewed on a map, and also downloaded in several formats.

Data storage

Data stored in the databases will allways have 2 timestamps - one to tell when the object was first created, and one to tell when the object was last modified. Timestamps are added when the registration reaches the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service, so in case of the user working offline, this may be a little misleading.

It IS possible to configure timestamps to store the exact time of edits.

The databases will keep a complete history of modifications, so it is allways possible to go back and see who modified an object, and what was the previous values.

User profiles


Userprofiles control how users see and work with maps and data.

You create userprofiles using the Config.gis4mobile.com web application.

Before you can create a userprofile you need a login from gis4mobile. Login's are sent when you purchase a plan - see prices.

a userprofile controls 2 things:

  • What maps will the user see for background?
  • What data the user will able to work with, and how.

More details

How to control users access to data

Users can be limited in their access to their data in several ways.

  • Data can be readonly.
  • Users can be limited to edit only a subset of attributes.
  • Users can be limited to only edit in their vicinity, as observed by the GPS.

Different ways to input data

The form the user will se when he registers data is set up using this tool.

There a numerous ways to enable the user to add as accurate data as possible.

How the user will see data

The user will see data with colors or labels, as it is configures here.

Colors can be controlled by attributes - this means that a specific value will result in a certain color.