About GeoSync.

GeoSync. Linking to GIS.

GeoSync is the utility that you use to link your local (GIS) data to the mobile data in GIS4Mobile Cloud Service.

It can do a two-way syncronisation, so changes to your local data is published to the mobile workers, and new and modified data data from the mobile workers, are transfered to your local database.

Also pictures taken by the mobile workers can be transferred to your system, or linked in to your data.

You can easily configure syncronisations, using the friendly guides.

When setting up the syncronisation, you select if it is a one-way or two-way syncronisation.

Modifications in GIS4Mobile data, is detected by watching the timestamp, which is on every object. Modifications to local data, is detected by storing checksums for every object. Objects which has been modified will no longer match their checksum, so theese objects will be published to GIS4Mobile.

GeoSync can be run as a scheduled job, on a baily basis, to make sure data is allways in sync.