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Register street lights

Registration of street lights is a good example of the valuable use of GIS4Mobile. Energi Fyn (Denmark), Municipalities of Aarhus and others, registers thousands of street lamps.

The purpose is to establish and maintain an overview of the extent, condition and age of the plant.

Simultaneously with the registration of street lamps, ignition circuits are recorded and the operator ensures that each ignition circuit is displayed in a unique color, so it is easy to see which lamps are switched on via the same cabinet.

When registering street lights, the user must enter / select basic data such as:

  • Mast type
  • Mast setup year
  • Luminaire type
  • Luminaire setup year
  • Light source type
  • Lighting class
  • risk group
  • Fuse carrier

In addition, a number of other information:

  • area
  • maintains
  • Afregninsart
  • Condition Assessment
  • Series Replacement (Latest)
  • Series Replacement (Next)
  • Wet ignition
  • comments

At the same time, up to 5 images can be recorded that document the nature, type and condition.

Information that is recorded is stored in GIS4Mobile's data hosting, but is transmitted daily to the company's MapInfo environment, in which data can also be corrected, and this fix is ​​then broadcast to GIS4Mobile's data hosting so that the mobile users see the correct data.

Energi Fyn benefits from the built-in features for saving inputs. Especially the memory function, where they can store several types of lamps, and when a lamp of one type or another is detected, all parameters from memory are retrieved.

Also the function where multiple masters can be edited together - eg when replacing light sources.



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