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Road safety

The Danish department of transportation, SE-Traffic and some municipalities use GIS4Mobile for road safety inspection (TSI).

Road safety inspections covers going through the roads with a critical look to find potentially dangerous objects or designs.

That way you can avoid accidents before they happen.

GIS4Mobile has assisted the DOT with the system setup for registration of the TSI. In addition, together with SE-Traffic, we have established a similar setup for recording traffic safety situations.

This setup allows all customers to freely test and it can be transferred to other customers.

In this setup, the roads are reviewed and where there is a traffic hazard situation, the following are recorded:

  • Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimitation on site
  • Road (left, right, middle)
  • Problem category / equipment
  • Problem (detailed)
  • modulation
  • notes

In addition, suggestions are proposed:

  • Solution (Category)
  • Solution (detailed)
  • notes

In connection with the registration, the app will automatically assign a variety of other information:

  • Street name
  • Nearest address
  • Road number and station

The company SE traffic can assist the municipalities in road network review as well as establish a report / action plan, where each situation is presented and assessed and prioritized.


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