GIS / GPS registration and documentation on the mobile.

GIS4Mobile builds perfect tools for mobile data collecting.

Whether it is inspections, registrations or quality control, or any other task - GIS4Mobile is the most flexible and userfriendly tool available.

GIS4Mobile is also a great tool for bringing your data with you in the field. Data collected by other mobile users, or published by the company, is available for viewing and editing.

  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Works offline or online.
  • Background map of your choise.
  • Several layers of data.
  • Attach images and information.
  • Point, lines or polygons.

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GIS4Mobile in short.

GIS4Mobile is a complete solution, based on apps installed in mobile devices. The app's are used to (a) Collect information and (b) Provice information to the mobile user.

Behind the system is a secure GIS4Mobile Web Service (Read more >), storing the collected data.

Also, as part of the solution, there are tools to enable syncronisation between your local data (eg GIS data) - and the mobile data. Read about GeoSync >.

And GIS4Mobile can be tailored to your needs without any programming.

Off-line / online - No network? No problem!

Are you working in remote areas with little or no cell phone coverage? GIS4Mobile apps works fine off-line, storing collected information in the internal memory, and delivering stored data immediately when a connection is established.

Also the background map can be pre-cashed on mobile device. The apps contain a tool for pre-generating a map-cache, making it possible for you to still work with a background map, even if you have no network connection.

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The free 30-day demo is started on request. Just contact us to start the demo immediately.

Or purchase a license. Monthly licenses are available for as little as 15 $ / month. See prices for more details.

We suggest you enter into a professional plan, because you get more privacy and data security this way.

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Highlights - why GIS4Mobile is the right solution for you:

Support is free.
Got a question or a problem? Help is only a phonecall away. With us you should never search for help for hours. Contact the team directly by mail or the contact form.
Productivity enhancements - work smarter not harder.
In several ways we have improved the productivity, by minimizing the need for repeatedly inputs. Tools are called multi-editing, save/get attributes, and repeating attributes.
Publish your data
If you have data you want to publish to the mobile users, for editing or just for information, you can publish data using GeoSync utility.
Download data
Registrations can be viewed on - and here you also have options to download data.
Maps of your choice
You can have your own maps displayed in GIS4Mobile. Basically you can choose between the wellknown google maps, HERE maps, or open street maps. But you can also have your own maps displayed, by using the WMS technology.
Display your own data with special symbology.
You can have your own data published to GIS4Mobile users. Symbology is defined by attributes. When attributes change the color will change.
Display labels.
Want to see a cadastral maps with the owners names displayed? This is possible by use of labels.
Register points, lines polygons.
You can collect or edit objects with points, lines or polygons.
  • Lines/polygons are registered by click in the map, or by GPS.
  • Edit vertex / delete vertex / insert vertex.
You can have a list displayed beside the map, showing your tasks. When a task changes to 'finished' it disappears from the list.
Offline data optimized.
GIS4Mobile app is optimized for offline usage. A builtin cachemanager allows you to build a data cache, for use in remote areas. Mapdata is stored as tiles, and 1 square KM takes max 1Mb storage.
Data registration is also possible when offline. Everything is stored in the app, and pushed to the GIS4Mobile Cloud when network is available.
Info by position.
By clicking the map, you can see certain information - collected from google names and others.
Your wish?
GIS4Mobile has a track record of solving problems, and fullfilling wishes from users at a fair price.
GIS4Mobile never sleep.
The maintenance crew is continously working to improve the app and services. We spent more than 1000 hours pr year on maintenance.
GIS4Mobile are monitoring the cloud services and databases on a daily basis. If a problem should occur, we will contact the customer to offer our assistance and suggest a solution.
Eksternal GPS.
We can connect external GPS antennas, to improve accuracy. The iPhone is maybe accurate withing 5 meters or less. If you want to improve this you can connect an external antenna from Topcon or Trimble. Contact us for details.
Also bad-elf has been tested with success.
Track my trip.
GIS4Mobile can be used to track the trip while you drive, bike or walk.
Affordable (not cheap).
GIS4Mobile can be used for as little as 15$ / month.

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