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About Path Registration

Register Road, Path or Sidewalk driving.

GIS4Mobile, together with GeoReg, has developed path registration via tablet.

The solution is based on the GIS4Mobile App, but with some adjustments that make the use easier and faster.

Also it supports external GPS for enhanced precission, and tracking, for registration as you go.

These adaptations may also be useful in other contexts.

So what can you do?
With the path registration it is possible to register 1 or 2 lines via tracking, ie it records the trip you are driving.

While driving, the properties of the registered line can be changed easily and user-friendly so registration can be made when the vehicle is moving.

In connection with the registration, some properties regarding each segment is automatically calculated from available services:

  • length of segment
  • Street name (if service available)
  • roadside (right / left) (if service available)

In the default setup (which can be customized) user will register these properties

  • width
  • condition
  • surface
  • curb condition

The solution also allows you to register 2 lines simultaneously, with a fixed parallel distance.

Thus, for example, both path centerline and curb line are recorded simultaneously.

The solution is made userfriendly by displaying the form used for data input on the bottom half of the screen, below the map. Therefore, registration can be done with as few clicks as possible.

More info?
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