GIS4Mobile price chart.

GIS4Mobile standard prices.

GIS4Mobile prices start as low as $ 15 / month for a single user license.

Most customers choose to purchase a plan (see prices below). The advantages are:

With plans Basic, Medium and Large you get:

- Secure hosting, your data isolated from other companies data.
- Data is backed up on a daily basis.
- Active monitoring. We look after servers and databases continously, and alert you if anything goes wrong.
Number of users
- YOU administer number of users.
- YOU configure user profiles, maps and forms.
- Free support, by email or phone (limited).

Starting a plan costs $ 1.900 (once). This also covers assistance to get you going.

GIS4Mobile Plans

GIS4Mobile plans
Single/shared Basic Medium Large
Number of users 1 users 2 users 25 users 1000 users
Data layers 1 data layer in shared database 2 data layers
private database
10 data layers
private database
200 data layers
private database
Price $ 180 / year $ 1.100 / year $ 2.250 / year $ 4.500 / year

Changing plan

It is allways possible to change plan. Changing up is possible from day to day, this will cost the difference in payment. Changing down is only possible at the end of the year.

Single user

If you want the most affordable solution, you can purchase licenses for mobile users one by one.

You must order a single users license using the shop: shop.

Single users can work with a single data layer.

Single user license is $ 15 / month if you purchase 12 months or more for a single user. Support for single users is limited.

Single user licenses can be connected, so 2 users work on the same data layer.

Other services and extensions.

GIS4Mobile offers these extra services and extensions.
GeoSync - sync your data. WFS service

With Geosync you can do 2-way-syncronisations of GIS4Mobile data with your own (GIS) data.

Geosync comes in 2 flavors: Automatic and Standard

Automatic Standard

GeoSync Automatic can be set up to run as a scheduled job, maybe once every night.

License: $ 2.400

Maintenance: $ 600 / year

GeoSync Standard must be run on manually.

License: $ 1.200

Maintenance: $ 300 / year

We can set up af WFS service, making it possible for you to draw GIS4Mobile data directly into your GIS.

Initial cost: $ 400

Maintenance: $ 400 / year

GIS4Mobile order form:

Once you fill out the order form and sendt it you will receive a confirmation message.

If you do not receive a confirmation message, please contact GIS4Mobile using the contact form Contact, or by mail directly.