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GIS is about maps. Putting information on a map or displaying information on a map, and that's what GIS4Mobile does.

GIS4Mobile is a multi purpose solution. The solution is built around a user-friendly app and secure data hosting, with associated administrative tools.

GIS4Mobile can be described as 3 parts:

GIS4Mobile App
- More about the GIS4Mobile app. About the app>
GIS4Mobile Cloud Service
- Details of the GIS4Mobile Cloud Service and associated services. About Cloud Service>
Your local (GIS data and sync tool.
- GeoSync exhibits data and synchronizes data. About GeoSync>

General about GIS4Mobile

All the benefits


Continuity GIS4Mobile has been on the market since 2010, and data formats are backward compatible back to version 1.

Ongoing maintenance. The GIS4Mobile app is continuously maintained, with monthly updates, to meet our ambition of a flawless solution.
In GIS4Mobile we do not have a list of known errors - errors are corrected when detected, that is the simplest we think.

Support is free Help by phone All email is free for customers with a company agreement.

Productivity - work smarter not harder.
By minimizing the need for repeated data entry, we have optimized productivity.

Publish your own data If you have data that you want to exhibit for mobile users, for updating or just for viewing.

Download data - registrations can be viewed at - and here you can also download your data.

Background map - You can have your own maps displayed in GIS4Mobile. You can also choose to view google maps or HERE maps, or OSM, or other freely available maps.

See your own data with colors. You can have your own data displayed with colors according to attributes. When the attributes change, the color changes.

Point, line, area. You can register and update data with points, lines and areas.

To Do list. You can view a list of your tasks next to the map. When a task is completed, it disappears from the map and from the list.

Off-line data optimized. The GIS4Mobile app is optimized for offline use. A built-in cache data manager helps build a map database on your mobile device. Map data is stored on the mobile phone, and 1 square kilometer only takes 1 MB.
Registrations performed while off-line are saved, and synchronization occurs as soon as there is network connection again.

Info by position. By clicking on the map a lot of information can be displayed. Primary coordinates and level, address and landmark. But also own data can be presented.

Your wish? GIS4Mobile is a master in solving problems. If you have a special wish we can surely fulfill it at a reasonable price.

GIS4Mobile never sleeps. Developers are constantly working to improve and adjust the app and services. We spend more than 1000 hours a year on maintenance and improvements. GIS4Mobile monitors daily cloud services and database. If a problem occurs, the customer will be contacted with help or suggestions to resolve the issue.

External GPS. GIS4Mobile can connect an external GPS antenna so that accuracy on the centimeter level can be achieved.

Tracking. GIS4Mobile can be used to record the trip you are driving, walking or cycling.

Cheap. GIS4Mobile can be used for prices from 20$ / month ..



Talk on the phone, or write?

Please feel free to call GIS4Mobile on +45 40 10 10 91 - or write us an email on - or simply use the contact form on the right.